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as a TCE replacement or an npb replacement

How do I know if the AeroTron will work for my application?

Validation Performance testing is part of the Reliance Transition Success Program. We provide free samples of the solvent to assess if it will be a viable TCE replacement or a viable nPB replacement. We can also test clean sample parts in our labs, and/or have you come here to our facility to experience the AeroTron solvent working first hand. Please contact us with any questions about how we can help you transition to AeroTron from n propyl bromide or trichloroethylene.

  • Free Sample of AeroTron- As part of the evaluation process, our technical team can consult with you about the AeroTron solvent as a TCE or nPB replacement solvent and about your cleaning needs. We are happy to provide a free sample for you to test with at your facility.
  • Free Performance Testing of Sample Parts- In addition to a free sample of solvent; you may also option to send in sample parts for us to test clean in our vapor degreasing laboratories. We have a large inventory of vapor degreasing units and can emulate your current production process (immersion, spray, ultrasonic) to validate a recommended cleaning process. We will clean the parts and send them to you for your evaluation along with a comprehensive report of the test cleaning. This is also a great way to see if a change in your equipment configuration and process can have a marked improvement in your productivity, cleaning quality, or consistency.
  • Test Cleaning of Large or Small Parts - We have a full range of vapor degreasing and ultrasonic capability in the Reliance Vapor Degreaser Test Cleaning Labs with immersion, ultrasonics, and vapor spray capabilities.

What should my heat (temperature) settings be at for AeroTron?
Different solvents boil at different temperatures . . . thus vaporize at different temperatures. AeroTron boils at 109°F / 43°C. So depending on the solvent you had been using, the temperature settings will need to be adjusted on the vapor degreaser as will the safety limit control settings. For example, if you have been using TCE (which boils at 188°F / 87°C) and switch over to AeroTron, the temperature settings will need to be decreased to 109°F. If you are using AeroTron as an nPB replacement, n propyl bromide boils at 160°F so you will need to decrease the boiling temperature on your boil sump to 109°F / 43°C. For a complete table of the safety limit control settings, please contact us.

Do I need to be concerned about ventilation?
Additional ventilation is not needed as most manufacturing facilities have higher ceilings and larger rooms. It is best to have the vapor degreaser in an open room where normal air circulation is present. Adding fans and over-head ventilation systems can decrease the bath-life of the solvent - contact us and we can discuss your ventilation plans to ensure proper vapor degreaser operation.

Do I need to wear gloves to use the AeroTron?

Gloves are not required as part of using the AeroTron solvents. However, as these solvents are very effective at removing oils and grease, so too are they effective at removing hand oils . . . which means they can be drying to the hands. Choosing the appropriate glove for your application facilitates safe handling by eliminating unnecessary contact. There are various manufacturer's gloves tested in accordance with ASTM F-739* to assist your company in choosing an appropriate glove for your application - please contact us for a list of glove options.

What is the change-over procedure to replace my nPB solvent with AeroTron?

AeroTron can be used in your current vapor degreaser - as it is. Just empty the current solvent you are using from the entire immersion sump, boils-side sump, the water separator, and filtration system. You may want to do a wipe down of the tank - but that is not necessary. Change the temperature boil setting to 109F - turn the refrigeration systems on, fill the boil & immersion sumps with AeroTron and then turn on the heat. When the vapor zone rises to the refrigeration coils - you are ready to clean your parts.

Do I need special permitting?

AeroTron does not require special permitting. All components of AeroTron are US EPA SNAP Approved for Vapor Degreasing and AeroTron has a very favorable health and safety profile - typical 200 ppm 8 hour average workplace exposure limitation with excellent cleaning capabilities. With this being said, AeroTron is still not allowed for use in southern California's south coast air quality management district as it is a VOC.

How does AeroTron ship?

AeroTron is non-flammable and non-hazardous so it is not regulated for transportation by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Therefore, AeroTron ships common carrier and can be shipped via UPS, FedEx and other standard carriers. and non-hazardous.

What is this 200ppm measure I keep hearing about?