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AeroTron™ is a Direct nPB Replacement

AeroTron™ cleans as effectively as nPB.

AeroTron™ is as effective as nPB in cleaning a variety of contaminants from fabricating oils to abrasives. AeroTron™ is a high performance parts cleaning solvent that is an environmentally sound, direct nPB replacement solvent. AeroTron™ is a non-chlorinated, non-flammable, affordable vapor degreasing solvent that is ideal for replacing n Propyl Bromide. Use AeroTron™ instead of nPB when you want to have a solvent parts cleaner and vapor degreasing solvent that works like nPB without the detrimental health and safety impacts.

AeroTron technical data sheet


Excellent Health & Safety Profile as Compared to nPB

AeroTron™ Benefits are Significant:
  • EXCELLENT WORK PLACE RECOMMENDATION - Very favorable workplace recommendation of 200ppm TLV-TWA for AeroTron™ compared to 10ppm for nPB.
  • NO TOXICITY - n Propyl Bromide is a suspected human carcinogen based on recent test results from the NTP and n Propyl Bromide has reproductive toxicity. AeroTron's components do not have these characteristics.
  • NO HYDROLYSIS REACTION - n Propyl Bromide is vulnerable to creating acid in the presence of water and is stabilized against this. The amount of stabilizer in nPB needs to be tested frequently to make sure there are sufficient stabilizers in the solution. AeroTron™ is stable in the presence of water.
  • BETTER PERFORMANCE - similar to nPB in that:
    • No residue & fast evaporating
    • Azeotropic formulation
    • Not NESHAP regulated
    • Does not require special reporting
    • Ships via common carrier
    • Can be used in your current vapor degreasing equipment
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Regulatory AeroTron™ nPB
NESHAP Reporting Not Required Not Required
IARC Cancer Classification None - Not Listed Suspected
Manufacturer's Workplace Exposure Guidelines 200 ppm - 8 hour TWA 10 ppm - 8 hour TWA
RCRA NON-Hazardous Waste NON-Hazardous Waste
Department of Transportation (DOT) NOT Regulated NOT Regulated
Title V Permit NOT Required NOT Required
OSHA HAZCOM Record Keeping/Reporting NOT Required Hazard Warning Required
Prop 65, CA Yes Yes
Clean Water Act NOT Regulated NOT Regulated
VOC Yes, but variable Yes, 100%
US-EPA SNAP Approved Yes Yes


Performance Properties AeroTron™ nPB
Boiling Point 109° F / 43° C 160° F / 71° C
Flash Point, by ASTM D93-TCC None None
Evaporation Rate Quickly & Completely Quickly
Azeotropic Composition Yes Yes
Broad Metal Compatibility Yes Yes
Hydrolysis Highly Stable Not stable-requires stabilizers
Distillable Yes Yes
Kauri Butanol Value 93 130
Non-Volatile Residue < 10 ppm < 10 ppm
Odor Very Mild Strong

No special ASTM procedures are needed to switch from nPB solvent to AeroTron™.


  1. DRAIN: the vapor degreaser sumps (using solvent transfer pump), spray reserve tank, water separator and filtration tank of old solvent.
  2. SET: the temperature control settings for 109F (43C)
  3. FILL: the boil sump and immersion sump with AeroTron™


16 oz bottle, 16 oz spray bottle, 1 gallon, 5 gallon, 20 gallon, 30 gallon and 55 gallon drum
aerotron containers
Works Like nPB Without the Detrimental H&S Impacts


AeroTron™ can be used as effectively as nPB in asphalt extraction.

Because AeroTron™ is non-flammable, it is suitable for use in any asphalt extraction process. It is very fast acting and removes the bitumen / tar easily from samples.


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Reliance Specialty Products is the leader in vapor degreasing, and solvent parts cleaning. At Reliance, we take a comprehensive, systemic approach to solvent parts cleaning. Our vapor degreasing equipment manufacturing expertise combined with our years of working with a variety of solvent cleaning options make us able to support our customers in a variety of practical ways. We are here to help you easily switch over to AeroTron™ and support your transition into an effective solvent that is better for your company, your people and the environment.

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