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General Info

AeroTron is a direct nPB replacement

AeroTron cleans as effectively as nPB (n Propyl Bromide).
AeroTron is as effective a cleaner as nPB in cleaning a variety of contaminants from frabricating oils to greases, lubricants and fluxes.

Use AeroTron instead of nPB when you want to have a solvent vapor degreaser that works like nPB without the detrimental H&S impacts.

AeroTron has an Improved Health & Safety Profile as Compared to nPB

AeroTron Benefits are Significant:

  • Very favorable workplace recommendation of 200ppm compared to 10ppm for nPB
  • No residue & fast evaporating similar to nPB
  • Non-carcinogenic ulike nPB which is classified as a potential IARC carcinogen
  • Azeotropic formulation that does not need to be stabilized unlike nPB
  • AeroTron is not NESHAP regulated
  • AeroTron does not require special reporting required
  • AeroTron ships via common carrier the same as nPB
  • AeroTron can be used in your current vapor degreasing equipment.

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