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  • Disposal: Simple disposal. Please contact us at 847.640.8923 for our free to use disposal program.

  • Safety: As with all solvents, proper personal safety gear should be worn. Please see SDS.

  • Shelf Life: AeroTron can be stored in the original sealed container up to 2 years from date of purchase and is viable for 1 year after the date of opening.

  • Storage:  Should not be stored below 14°F (-10°C) or above 125°F (52°C).

  • Mixtures/Dilution: AeroTron should be used as is, directly from the container without addition of alcohols, water or other solvents.

  • Packaging: AeroTron is available in 55 gallon (500lb/227Kg) drums, 30 gallon (5 gallon (45lb/20Kg) pails and 1 gallon (9lb/4Kg) pails and 16oz flasks.

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  • Non-Flammable; specifically engineered for Precision Vapor Degreasing & Cleaning
  • Distillable / Recyclable
  • Highly effective at removing hydrocarbon
    contaminants from metal parts
  • Broadly compatible with metals and many plastics
  • Drop in nPB replacement (use AeroTron the way you have been using nPB.
  • Drop in TCE alternative (Use AeroTron the way you have been using TCE.
  • Excellent for use in conjunction with ultrasonic cleaning for removal of inorganic materials –metal fines, abrasives and fabricating debris and dirt
  • Highly stable in the presence of water
  • Mild Odor


  • All components of AeroTron are US-EPA SNAP Program Approved
  • Excellent Health and Safety Profile—No cancer or reproductive toxicity impacts
  • Excellent Workplace Recommendation —200ppm (8 hr. TWA) based on OSHA PEL and US EPA recommendations for product components

aEROTRON Solvents: TCE & nPB replacement solvents you can rely on

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Technical ​Data


Vapor Degreasing Experts

We would be pleased to provide you with a sample of AeroTron for performance testing as a TCE alternative or an nPB replacement.

AeroTron is excellent in a wide range of cleaning applications including:

  • Oil, Grease & Wax Removal
  • Silicone Grease & Oil Removal
  • Buffing & Lapping Compound Removal
  • Fluxes, pastes, resin removal
  • Vapor Degreasing
  • TCE Replacement
  • nPB Replacement
  • US EPA SNAP Program Approved
  • Effective nPB Replacement, trichloroethylene replacement, n Propyl Bromide (nPB) replacement, Methylene Chloride Replacement, & PERC replacement
  • Easy to Ship—Not Regulated by DOT for Transportation
  • Reduced Reporting—Not NESHAP Regulated
  • Non-Hazardous—Not Regulated under SARA, CERCLA or RCRA as hazardous for disposal

AeroTron ships common carrier as it is not regulated for transport by DOT