• NESHAP Compliant:Features that minimize worker solvent exposure and enhance solvent containment;
  • Optional Automated PLC Basket Handling Systems: Minimize worker solvent exposure, save on labor costs and provide consistency in the processing of parts;
  • Customizable with immersion, vapor, vapor with spray, and ultrasonics;
  • Field Supportable: Simple engineering and stoutness of design for durability, and ease-of-maintenance;
  • Excellent Training for engineering design, start-up, shut down, maintenance and good solvent cleaning work practices that enhance your understanding of our equipment and ensure that your ULTRA Series vapor degreaser will be a valuable and effective part of your solvent cleaning operations.

Reliance: Leaders in comprehensive vapor degreasing and solvent cleaning work practices
Reliance maintains a vapor degreasing laboratory with vapor degreasing units constantly in operation to facilitate test cleaning part visits, training and part cleaning optimization. Please contact us or give us a call at 847.640.8923 to schedule a visit to see the power of the ULTRA series vapor degreaser for test part cleaning, or solvent cleaning work practice training.

Automated PLC Basket Handling Systems:

  • Minimize worker solvent exposure;
  • Save on labor costs;
  • Process parts consistently;
  • Allow parts to be processed with the top of the degreaser closed;
  • Provide for 30 different programmable cleaning "recipes";
  • Are customizable with immersion, vapor, vapor with spray, and ultrasonics - all of which can be controlled by the PLC controlled system.

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sYSTEMS with Automated bASKET hANDLING


  • Fast and Effective Cleaning - Vapor cleaning happens in a matter of minuets as the vaporized solvent solubilizes the organic contaminant making it more a efficient process to eradicate dirt in tiny crevices, whereby outperforming conventional hand wiping or dipping.
  • Compact Footprint - allows for large parts to be cleaned within a minimum footprint.
  • Cost Effective Results - Vapor degreasing cleans parts completely without residue while reducing cycle time and increasing throughput.
  • Parts are Clean and Dry - ready for the  next manufacturing step.

ULTRA vapor degreaser features:

  • minimize worker solvent exposure;
  • enhance solvent containment;
  • provide state of the art control systems;
  • allow easy field maintenance;
  • automate basket handling for consistent parts processing.


  • Cavitation Scrubbing - The ultrasonic "scrubbing" provides the ability to add extra cleaning power to the solvent bath for removal of dried greases or other contaminants that are proving difficult to remove.
  • Power, lots of power - from 3000 to 9000 Hz.
  • Flexibility - easy to add additional KHz.
  • Field Maintenance Ease - Simple to change and replace key components, such as heating elements and no climbing under the tank to fix ultrasonic generators or flipping the degreaser over to evaluate.
  • Efficient and Effective Cleaning - Ultrasonic cleaning bubbles enhance the cleaning process making it more efficient: eradicating microscopic dirt in tiny crevices, whereby outperforming conventional hand scrubbing or dipping.
  • Fast & Cost Effective Results - Ultrasonics get the dirt out fast; thus the cleaning process is enhanced significantly, reducing cycle time and increasing throughput.

Manufactured by Reliance in the USA

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